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Desire of having a secured email account it’s a dream now! especially, when the numbers of hacking activities are increasing day by day. To keep this thing in mind, Hotmail technical support team give emphasize in account security. For a normal user with limited technical knowledge –it’s not an easy task. They are unable to handle this pressure. But they can do one thing; they can keep contact with Hotmail technical team always. Hotmail technicians warn them about their password strength, and many others advices so that users can able to overcome this account security related problem. They always use simple language to make the things easier for the users.

Hotmail Technical Support

What should do with Hotmail access problem? And how it can be recognized as hacking activities?

Hotmail login problem can occur due to many reasons. But very few can able to find out the proper reason. If anyone forgets their password then he or she may face this issue. If anyone changes their browser, location or clock settings then they may face this problem. Sometimes, users become confused with two password (which one is current and which one is old) as they change their password too frequently. Sometimes, users just make typing mistake and failed to log in own Hotmail account. That’s why Hotmail support team advise them to be careful during login their account. Those who are using unsupportive or outdated browser may face the same problem too. But due to having lack of proper knowledge about this, they think that they become victim of hacker. Some users just failed to identify the authorised website and follow some fake links to access own account. This is very dangerous for them as it leads them to invite some viruses or hackers into their system.

But how to recognize that hacked account?

Hotmail technical support team say that there are mainly two signs. The one, hackers don’t have take control fully, so users can access their account till now. But there is no trace of new or unread mails. Users are getting notification of accessing their account from different location or from different browser. People from their contact lists are getting abusive mails!And the second one is, users lost their control in email account totally. That’s why; users must have the knowledge about technical parts of Hotmail accounts too.

What about the victim of Hotmail hackers?

Hotmail technical support team assure the users if they failed to access own account and get notified that someone else is using their account, then they just need to take steps for Hotmail hacked account recovery. Hotmail technicians advice them to follow some methods or steps .They keep giving instructions through Hotmail helpline number. They first visit to the original Hotmail website. Then, they should go the password section where they need to choose ‘’I can’t access my account’’. Then, Hotmail technicians advise them to ‘’change the password’’. Next step is, users have to mention the current password. Then, users need to create a new password. Users have to create a strong password so that no one can able to hack this. Users need to type the new password again for confirmation. By following this Hotmail password recovery steps, users will feel free from the hackers.

Hotmail technical support team always want to provide flawless service to their users. So they give some post password recovery advices. They say, users should continue the privacy regarding newly created password. Users should log out from their account after using public or stranger’s device. Users need to use alphabets, number, symbols together. It will increase the password strength level. They will guide the users from the beginning. So that, users can able enjoy an errorless email service. Hotmail customer care team is always ready for the users.

Hotmail technical support team believe that, if the users get training from the experts then they will able to avoid this problem in future. This team is full of efficient and dedicated employees who always encourage the users to use this email account and not panic on any negative circumstances. They work for 24×7 hour basis. Service charges are very reasonable. Technicians are always reachable through toll free contact number. So what are you thinking, hotmail account security is not so far!