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It is a well known fact that to get back own account; one must know the correct method of password recovery. But disappointed fact is, very few can do that job. Yes, lack of proper time, proper technical knowledge and patience they cannot follow Hotmail password recovery method in correct way. As a result, a huge number of users are leaving their email accounts. But Hotmail technical support team don’t let them to leave this account. They take the entire responsibilities and explain each and every step of password recovery in simple way. Here, users should not hesitate to ask questions repeatedly. Technicians have endless patience to attend them.

When Hotmail hacked account recovery method works well?

hotmail password recovery

Some users are unable to find out exact problem of their Hotmail access failure. But they start following password recovery steps which are completely unnecessary for them. If they are using unsupported browser or incorrect location or clock settings, – then by changing that into the correct settings- can solve their problem. But most of the users when face these types of problems- they start using Hotmail password recovery method without a second thought. But Hotmail technicians warn them not to do so. They give proper training so that users can able to understand the exact situation to follow password recovery method.

How to avoid Hotmail account failure issue?

Hotmail technicians know very well, that people are very busy in today’s life. So following Hotmail password recovery method can decrease their valuable time. So it is better, if the users take some precautions from the beginning and thus they can avoid Hotmail login problem. They must follow the guidelines given by the technical team. Hotmail technicians always want to save time of the users.

Let’s check out how to avoid this problem-

Hotmail support team warn the users that if they find out that mails are deleting slowly then users need to check it. Technicians advice the users that they should take expert help if they find out that location settings, account settings has been changed automatically. Some users change their password unnecessary. As a result, they cannot decide which one is the right password. To avoid this situation, users need to keep a note. But keep this note confidential. Some users have tendency to turn on the ‘’remember me ‘’ option on login page. It prevents them to sign in from other devices. In fact, if the users leave their devices with remember me option (turn on mode) then anyone can take advantage from it. Ill minded people will enter their account and do whatever they want to. To avoid hacking activities, users must increase the strength level of password too. If the users are not confident enough then they contact to Hotmail customer care team and ask them about this.

Check out Hotmail password recovery method-

If the users failed to protect their account, then password recovery method is their only option. This method is discussed below- Hotmail technicians instructed the users go the original website of Hotmail. Then they need to click on the ‘’can’t access’’ account option. Users will be instructed to recall their password by displaying some preset security questions and answers. On the next step, users are instructed to click on ‘’reset password’’ option. Then users can mention the email id and type the captcha (users have to be careful during typing captcha, as there are higher chance to read incorrectly).Then users can click on Next button. Users also are allowed to click on the option ‘’ I can’t use any of these options. Then their Microsoft account will display. Then users need to mention the alternative email id and then they can click on ‘’next’’. Account info page of the users will appear on the screen. Then users are instructed to fill the boxes and click on the ‘’submit’’ button finally.

If users have any doubt or want to know about Hotmail password recovery method then they can dial Hotmail helpline number and ask the experts. They won’t have to think about the phone bills as this is a toll free number. Technicians work for 24×7 hour basis. Users won’t have to worry about service quality. Technicians always maintain the deadline.