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To protect own account, users can go far. But sometimes, method of protecting account is not correct. As a result, users think twice before taking any step against Hotmail hacking related issue. Some users don’t have enough confidence that they can create an email for first time. But Hotmail customer care team takes the entire responsibilities .They always want that users can able to continue their email experience through Hotmail service only. Different users and their different problems, but it doesn’t make any change in technicians’ services. They give constant effort to provide easiest solutions for the users. Hotmail technicians never get tired of giving answers of different questions.

Hotmail Customer Care

Hotmail technical support team has aimed to provide training and solutions to those who stuck during creating an account or adjusting the email settings. Some users are unaware about all features of this email account in details. But Hotmail technicians are always eager to introduce the users with new features. They not even explain the facilities of those new features; also help the users when they stuck during applying those features. Hotmail customer care team also concentrate on Hotmail login problem. They know it is such type of problem which needs some extra efforts and it is available to the Hotmail experts only. To deal with Hotmail account access related issue, users need Hotmail password recovery method. If the users want to recover their account from hackers then they need to follow Hotmail hacked account recovery method.

How to differentiate between manmade mistakes and hacking activities

Hotmail customer care team always give alert that users need to update their browser timely. If they don’t do this, then they may face Hotmail access problem. Sometimes, users change their clock settings, location settings unknowingly. As a result, Hotmail account refuses to open due to security reason. But some users take it as hacking attack. But Hotmail technicians give them clear conception about hacking activities and man made mistakes.

Hotmail technicians emphasize on password strength-

Some users are not so concerned about password strength. But password matters a lot to all email users. Some users don’t know how to make stronger the password level. Hotmail support team says to stronger the password level; users should mix alphabets, number and symbol. But users should not use their date of birth etc. Hotmail technicians keep saying that users should maintain the criteria of file size. It will help them to avoid attachment problem, mail sending problem etc. Sometimes, due to internet problem, users may face file attachment problem or slow downloading problem. But it Hotmail technicians will help the users to find out the actual problem.

Users need to follow some guidelines to protect their Hotmail account. These guidelines are given by the Hotmail experts.

  • Users should not change their password too regularly. There should be an interval.
  • Users should logout from their account while using public device.
  • Users should use a strong antivirus during using wi fi connection.
  • Users should take some action while getting some alert messages.
  • Users should type the password correctly. They need to turn off the caps lock button to avoid typing mistake.
  • Users need to adjust their location settings according to their location. If needed, they should change or update the browser too.

Why Hotmail Customer care team so popular?

  • This team contains only hard working people.
  • They are ready to negotiate to with the users regarding service charges, timing.
  • Hotmail technicians always provide latest techniques to deal with different hotmail account related problem.
  • Technicians never mind to explain any solution repeatedly.
  • Technicians always behave with the users very politely.

Hotmail customer care team works for 24×7 hour basis. They always give quick response through Hotmail helpline number. Users won’t have to pay phone bill from their pocket. Technicians are certified from reputed places. They have immense patience to deal with several questions from the users. But they never lose patience. Users won’t have to worry about the service quality. Technicians never miss the deadline. Those have limited budget but urgency of technical assistance- they can avail customized service package. Technicians never demand extra charges for the services.