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Gmail has many such features which save the account to some extent from being hacked. If you own a Gmail account, then you can use these features and increase the security of the account. The two-step verification process helps to prevent the situation of Gmail hacked account. But most of you may have problem in setting it up. The most important question arises what to do when you find that your account has been already hacked. In that situation you must immediately reset the password. Once the password is reset the hacker automatically loses the access of the account. Further you must avail Gmail technical support for recovering the account from hacked state.

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Why there is need for two step verification process?

Gmail account connects you to various services and products. Hence, it is utmost important that it is protected from being hacked. The email address and the password that you enter for login in it is set up for giving the account privacy and keeping it safe from the world. But if anyhow someone else gets the access of your account then it becomes dangerous. The two-step verification helps you by adding another step in the protection feature of your account while login and accessing the account. Actually, while login in addition to the password you will have to enter a verification code that will enable you to prevent the situation of Gmail hacked account. This verification code could be generated in various ways. You can get this code either by using email, SMS, Phone number or authentication application. It no doubt provides an extra layer of protection to your account. You can avail the help of our team by dialing Customer support number.

How to set up two-step verification?

  • Firstly, you have to visit the login page where under the security you will find the option to set up the two-step verification. In case you have difficulty in finding this then you can take help of Gmail customer service
  • Before proceeding with the steps, you must have either a secondary email address or phone number already linked to your account if not then take help of Gmail support.
  • Though you can add your number at that point of time itself when it prompts and then follow the remaining steps but if you don’t have any of these details already then you will surely need help of Gmail customer care.
  • After that you can find the two-step verification step where you will have to click on set up and then you will have to follow that the screen prompts to set it up. You must have your phone nearby as you will receive the verification code in it. Just dial Gmail help number avail the help of our team if you have doubt in this step.
  • As soon as you receive the code you will have to enter that code in the space provided. That’s all now you have successfully turned on the two-step verification process which will prevent the Gmail customer help.

If you find that there is some suspicious activity in your account or you have forgotten to log out from some unknown locations, then you must go through Gmail password recovery process. This will help you to safeguard the data present in your account because even if the hacker has all your login details but now they will not have the changed password. In case you have trouble changing the password then you can contact our team who would surely help you with the relevant support. If by chance the hacker changes the password, then you will have to face Gmail login problem. As for now you have already turned on two-step verification of the account, so the account is now secure enough. Every time you go to login in the account you will have to enter the code along with the password. The entire process is designed in such a way that it provides maximum security to the account and the situation of Gmail hacked account could be omitted if then also such a situation arises then you must immediately contact our team who will help you to recover it.