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In order to use the email services through Gmail you have to create an account in it. There are very simple steps for creating the account, but you have to ensure that all the steps are followed properly otherwise you will not be able to set up a Gmail account. Further, you have to ensure that you remember the username and password of your account that you create at that point of time because you have to enter those details whenever you want to access it further. As many time you will desire to log in to the account, that many times you have to enter the valid login credentials. If you find that you are having difficulty in accessing the account, then you must dial customer support number and avail the help of our technicians who would find out the cause of the problem and then they will provide you relevant solution about it.

Customer support number

How to create Gmail account?

  • At the first place, you need to visit the Google account creation page where you will find set of steps for creating the account on the screen. You have to follow these steps accurately for completing the process. You can take help of Gmail customer service team who would help you throughout this process.
  • You may request an email address using your name but if such an email address is already in use then you can’t get that Gmail address as yours. In that case, you have to make changes in the username with the assistance of Gmail support team and suppose you had an account in the past with the similar username then make sure that you delete it before creating a new one.
  • After you have set the username now you have to set the password for the account. You have to set the password by mixing the alphabets, numbers and special characters so that it becomes unique and hacking it becomes difficult. You can consult the experts by dialing Customer support number.

What are common problems?

  • You will be prevented from login in the account and have to face Gmail login problem if you enter incorrect login credentials. Further, this problem may even arise due to an internet connection and browser settings so before login in the account you have to ensure that you are having these issues sorted with the help of our team by calling in customer support number.
  • It is very important that you know how to send or receive email attachments because it is the way by which you can complete the communication process. Many people have difficulty in attaching files in that case they can understand the proper techniques from Gmail customer care.
  • Nowadays, hacking has become the very common criminal offense but still there are times that you have to face the condition of Gmail hacked account. You must take help of special technicians who could recover your account instantly from hacked state.
  • If you have a habit of maintaining multiple accounts, then there are chances that you get confused between details of those accounts and that create trouble for you. In that situation you can get back the password through the Gmail password recovery
  • While trying to send emails if it is found that you are having trouble sending it and continuously receiving the bounce back message then you can interpret the cause of the problem through this message. You can even take help of Gmail technical support team for understanding the cause in detail.

How to manage Gmail account?

Managing the Gmail account means that you are able to access the account. It is also necessary that you are resetting the password after every fixed period of time. All such activities come under management of the account. You may need some technical assistance in some of the issues, so you have avail that by calling in Customer support number.

You need to add the Gmail account for accessing the account in order to avoid the problem in sign. If you want to access the account in an Android phone or tablet, then you can use Gmail app and login through it but in case of desktop you have to keep the account added. In case of app you have to first open it and then you can find menu at right of the username there is down arrow, you have to tap on that and then you will ‘add account’ icon could be found. Tapping in it will let you choose the type of account you want to add and then you have to follow the further steps with the guidance of Gmail help team.

You can also add multiple accounts in a single app and switch between accounts. If you are facing trouble in accessing the Gmail app then you must update it because if it is not updated on time, then you can have smooth login process. So, before starting the login process you must ensure that you are using the latest version of the app and if you have any difficulty understand any step then make sure that you avail our help.

How to secure your account?

It is vital that you follow all such measure that would provide security to your account. If at any point of time it is found that the security of the account in compromised, then you must take steps for recovering it before the hacker misuses the information present in your account. Below stated are some of the steps for keeping your account secure. There is need to set up 2-step verification for extra account security and you must check here your account permissions for providing an extra security. You must always choose a strong password for your Gmail account. A strong password could be obtained by using at least 8 characters and which must be a combination of number, alphabets and special characters.

You can dial Customer support number and contact our team for help at any time of the day throughout the year as they are present round the clock to serve you.